Welcome to my site!

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I’m Lizzie or Laura (whatever name you knew me by). I made this site because I graduated university and am going on to do some exciting things in life. With the potential to leave people’s lives come the kind requests to stay in touch. I’ve had so many wonderful people in my life just in the last four years I’ve been in college, so I’m just being realistic when I say I won’t be able to have late night, in depth conversations with each and everyone of y’all. However, rest assured that I do wish to stay in touch. This is my way of doing just that. I hope that through this blog you see how grateful I am to each and every person that has been a part of my life.

Don’t think I’m just talking about my college connections. At times I think back to my school days and my school friends. I think about pretending to be a mermaid or any sort of creature in those pretend games I’d play with friends in my childhood neighborhood. I think about my inseparable trio of friends in elementary school, my friends that hated P.E. with as much passion as I did in middle school, and the friends I volunteered with in high school. I miss you. Thank you for everything.

Now, I want you to stop wondering what ever happened to me. I’m here and I want you to know, that is if you want to know. If you happen to be someone new whom I haven’t met yet, welcome! I’m glad you are here and interested in my crazy life. So everyone sit back, grab a snack, and click through my site to either get to know me all over again or for the first time. I hope it’s as good as you remember or expect. 🙂

P.S. Feel free to contact me anytime. I’d love to hear from old friends or new ones!