The Journey Continues…

Yeah, oof, it’s a picture of pigeons instead of a dragonfly. Do you know how difficult it is to take a good picture of a dragonfly? I haven’t been blessed with success of that yet, so pigeons. That’s what I have to offer.

It’s appropriate though. Like a lot of things I attempt, I shoot too high and get something much more commonplace, but (to me) just as amazing. Dragonflies became special to me because, during a difficult time growing up, I would see them buzz around during recess. They gave me a sense of hope. I’ve loved animals since I can remember, but at that age I latched onto dragonflies and they became my sign to continue on with my life despite the difficulties.

In later years, I would find life much more difficult. I left home for university and then left my home state for an internship. Yet, the brief sight of a dragonfly would calm me. …or at the very least convince me to keep going. You know the funny thing? As I got into poetry and writing I looked up what dragonflies symbolize. Change. Transformation.

Life is change. Dragonflies exist. So they were there when I needed to see them. When I needed to be reminded not to fight change because I wouldn’t win, to hold on a little longer, till the end of a semester, a week, or just that day. This past year I saw maybe three dragonflies. Believe me, I had opportunity as I walked and took public transit. But they weren’t there. Pigeons were. Hence the picture. Both, personally, represent hope and resilience.

My life will continue to change as will I. Therefore, I stand by my blog’s name: My Dragonfly Life. Ever adapting.