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The Warning


Originally posted October 26, 2017

     You know that moment when that one person in class gets up to do a speech? You know the one. He’s the guy who sits on an edge of the classroom. Not the back, but not the front either. On the edge- like him. He contributes at times, but for the most part gets to class barely on time and seems to pull answers out of no where. If he talks to you it’s to ask if there was any homework assigned last class. That guy. You know that moment when that guy gets up to present in class? When he walks lazily up to the front and you vaguely notice he looks pretty good in a button down and slacks. That moment when he opens his mouth and takes- no, steals- your breath away with the blinding confidence, eloquence, and dept of this speech? Don’t expect that from me. 

I’m that super shy girl who pointedly sits on the second row as close to an isle or door to assure a quick escape in case of soul annihilating embarrassment. I’m the girl who speaks faster than a race car when she gets up the courage to say anything during class. But more to the point, I’m that girl who gets up on shaky legs to give her presentation and feels compelled to give a five minute prelude to a two minute speech on that fact that she is extremely nervous and is very sorry you are being forced to hear her words. And this is my version of that. 

I won’t bog you down with the details, dear reader. Just know no one is forcing you to be here. You came of your own volition and can leave anytime you want. 

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