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A Long Winded Journey to Deciding my Major

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I came into college undecided on a major. I had fuzzy thoughts of becoming a neurologist. Then I considered nursing. Then I considered half a billion other things. Seriously, ask me. I considered careers in most fields. My sophomore year however, I officially declared a major. I studied for Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management (RHIM) with a middle/high school teaching certificate and Pre-Occupational Therapist (Pre-OT) coursework for a semester.

Yep. I found out pretty quickly that I did not have the personality to work in hospitality. People stress me out. As much as I enjoy people, they stress me out. I still yearned something in the science realm. I had been working towards a medical career since sophomore year of high school through the clinicals program. However, I did still want to work with people. With thoughts of a science career with a human aspect, I stumbled upon Nutrition Dietetics.

I already had a minor in RHIM from my semester majoring in it and I would be majoring in Dietetics. But I still wanted something. I wanted to study abroad. So, I added a Spanish minor. I thought, my university has a campus in Spain. It should be easy to get a study abroad there. …What can I say? I got busy. I went to one meeting to find out about study abroad before adding the Spanish minor then pretty much forgot about it. I kept the Spanish minor though.

So, Dietetics major, RHIM minor, and Spanish minor. Cool. Plenty of classes to keep me busy, right? Wrong. My spring semester of my junior year I saw a tiny gap where I could add one more class without going over the semester class limit. I was excited to take a psychology class for fun. It was between Personality and Abnormal Psych. I chose Abnormal Psych. I was so excited! I’d taken general psychology my first semester in college and absolutely loved it! I couldn’t wait to go back into the fascinating world of the human mind.

I went to one class. Yeahh, the professor told us we could either come to class and watch YouTube videos and participate in class discussion or simply read the textbook. I already mentioned the strained relationship I have between enjoying human connections and being overwhelmed by them. To make the decision easier, I also met one of the officers from the Pre-OT club I was in during my short lived semester as a RHIM major. I went to the library, got on a computer, and dropped the class that same first class day.

Then I sat there and contemplated if I should add a different class for fun. The Personality course was full. I looked at my transcripts and saw that it’d only take three more English classes to get an English minor. I had three semesters left… So, on a whim, I took a Linguistics class. I was fascinated! So, I decided to go through with this spontaneous new minor.


Long story short, I ultimately majored in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics and minored in English, Spanish, and RHIM (Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management).