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Potential blog post survey June 9th 2018

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Originally Published January 12th 2018

Soo, I told y’all I used to have a blog before this one. I post one of my old posts on this blog every week. Today’s post was something completely different than what I typically posted before. I tended to do long, pensive reflections on my life and society, but one day I was curious about doing something more exciting. I was curious to know if my little one or two-person audience would like to hear a story from my past. So, I thought of a few semi-interesting stories and gave my readers a poll. No one answered. So, I never tried this again. I know I have more than two readers now, but I still don’t expect an answer. However, if you’d like to prove me wrong and would like to hear any of these stories feel free to leave a comment on this post. This survey will end Sunday, July 17th 2018 at 11:59 pm. The story with the most votes (in the English, Spanish, and Facebook surveys) by then will be written and published the next week (the week of Monday, June 18th).

Hey guys…. Or gal… Or whoever reads this. I was going to make a blog post explaining how I feel the need to be happy for others and this includes my non-existent audience, but I’m feeling a lot less doom and gloom. I feel up to offering y’all a fun blog, but I’m curious what you’d like. Below are three potential stories. Pick one and post a comment on this post. If no one responds, I’ll assume I have no audience and can continue my nonsensical babble. It’ll be back to big, general, wannabe insightful posts. Or… you can pick one of these:

1) That one time I snuck out with a boy in high school….to the library.

2) The time I decided to prove to one of my friends that I was anti-social, by being as super social as I could be.

3) The time I did karaoke and people yelled excitedly for an encore.

Choose wisely…


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