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Week of June 4th 2018- Translating and Working

Monday, June 4th- Random Visitor Wake Up Call

Alarm goes off. Ughhh. I begin to drift off to sleep. Dad calls my name. UGHHHH. I tepidly close my eyes again. “Lizzie!” Mom this time. “WHAT?! I’m up alr–” “come help me; there’s a lady at the door” ….It’s 7 am. No time for girl scout cookies. That’s how my morning began. My mom brought home a druggie from her morning walk. Not that I knew that when I walked out to our porch as barefoot as she was. Maybe I’ll expand on this in a full out Thoughts and the Past post. For now, just know that for some reason, and at the cost of a pair of my shoes, she left our porch as I was leaving for work.

It put me in an oddly good mood. What a way to start a day! Or it might have been the rain that made the initial morning hours go by slowly. Less customers meant more fun with the co-workers. Ahh, genuine human connections. It’s fun. Somehow, I remember my whole shift just got better as it went on. I don’t know how. I was on a big register. Usually, my day gets exponentially worse this way. I was convinced something bad had to happen. I guess I did break a nail.

Tuesday, June 5th- Magic Spell Cures Annoyance?

Work! Again. I thought I’d saved myself. I got to open up the express area. The person who opens any area of registers traditionally stays at that register area the rest of the day. It’s practically unheard of to be moved. But, you guessed it, I was put on a big register after my first break. Not before people annoyed me. I didn’t sleep enough and I’m cynical as it is. Somehow, today was the perfect cocktail. Usually I don’t care how stupid people are. I wait. I’m calm. They will leave soon enough, anyway. Not today. I hadn’t rolled my eyes that much in months.

Six hours into the shift I began to twitch. Ever so slightly. My left shoulder. Luckily it happened a few minutes before going on my last break. Was it my last break? I’ve typed, erased, and re-typed that three times now. I was disoriented for several hours there. Didn’t have a concept of time. Anyway! At some point in my shift, I had a break of some sort and had time to reflect. I remembered that post I’d written a few months back. Click here to read Coping at the Grocery Store Method 1: Dissociation. I remembered writing that I pretended to be this smiley, patient cashier. As long as I did my job, it didn’t matter what the customers said or did. I’d done my job. That helped somehow. I donned my mask and ended my shift in one piece. Amazing. I feel like a magician.

Wednesday, June 6th- T.V., Junk Food, and Translating Posts

Day off and somehow it was pleasantly boring. I watched about ten episodes of House and ate junk food most of the day. I listened to music for the rest of the time until I convinced myself to work on this blog. I translated two Thoughts and the Past posts. I’d been stuck on the Coping at the Grocery Store Method 1: Dissociation post for about three days. I just dreaded having to translate it when I was already having so much anxiety at work in present day. I didn’t want to read about it too. Finally got it done though and now I’m not as behind. Still behind, but less.

Thursday, June 7th- Is It Wrong I Don’t Fear Rapists?

I finished translating all of my Thoughts and the Past posts!! Yay! I’m glad that’s over! It feels good to have that crossed off. Now it’s on to the daily posts. I read a couple to my mom so she could tell me if anything sounded off. What she said sounded the most odd was the fact that I am not afraid of rapists. …thanks mom. I had you here for the grammar. No matter! If you are curious what I am talking about, read my post called My Fears.

I also went to work today. I bagged for half the time. It was so nice being able to jump around from cashier to cashier. I have a couple of talking buddies it seems. I got to talk to one cashier in particular. It was great to bond. The other half of the time I was tricked into being on a big register. It wasn’t so bad. I had baggers who I talk to for the most part. It was a chill day too with a thunder storm driving most people away by the end of my shift.

Friday, June 8th- Annoying Customers and Pizza

Bad day at work. I woke up five minutes before my shift started. My job is 20 minutes away from my house. So, I got to work 14 minutes late. Fortunately, my job gives us 15 minutes allowance before writing us up. Unfortunately, I had to abandon my lunch in the car to make sure I wasn’t 16 minutes late by taking it up stairs to the fridge. I already felt bad for being late. Add a few more awkward encounters and me being on a big register and it was a terrible day. I started being sassy with customers. That’s never good. Hm, maybe not sassy per se, but not neutral. You could tell I was not happy to be at work, to say the least. They sent me home about 20 minutes early. I did not complain.

Once home I went straight to my room and sulked. I feared getting into another funk. I’d just come out of one. I ordered pizza and watched a movie with my mom and brother. Really, the only thing I can watch with my mom are kid’s movies. Anything else is too scandalous for her and thus awkward for me. So, we watched a kid’s movie. It was nice. Then I ranted about my job before calling it a night.

Saturday, June 9th- Late Night Movie

I slept 16 hours. Woke up at 4pm. My brother wanted to go to Akon today, so he did. He had invited me to go, but I was busy sleeping. So, I ate leftover pizza and watched my show. Then I convinced myself to work on this blog a bit. It seems I’m still on schedule to have my translations up to date by June 25th after all. I thought my co-worker was going to bail on the make up going to the movies plans, but around 8 pm she texted. I drove to her place and then we went to see a thriller. It was an okay movie. What was better was the drive with, uhh, let’s call her Jaycie. It was nice to really sit down and talk. It was still small talk mostly, but better than the ten or so minutes we get maybe once a week at work. I should invite other co-workers to do stuff. Company can be nice. I don’t think I will, but I have three weeks to try.

Sunday, June 10th- Decent Day at Work

I woke up around noon with enough time to get ready for work. It was stupid busy. I don’t understand why so many people shop at the grocery store I work at! And I understand less why they seem to all choose to do it on a Sunday!! I bagged for half of my shift which was amazing. I got to jump around and say a few words to a couple of cashier friends. Not a full on chat seeing as we were so busy, but it was still nice. I met a new cashier and we hit it off which is always encouraging. The last half of my shift I was in the 15 items or less area so I was able to survive the day without many issues.

Now I’m home and dreading having to translate more for this blog. Uhhh, but I’m doing well. Two more weeks and I’ll be up to speed. Maybe I’ll take a break and watch my show for a bit…

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