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Week of July 23rd 2018- Hot in the Kitchen

Monday, July 23rd- Roommates Locked Me In

So, my key to the gate for our apartment doesn’t work. And my roommates know it doesn’t work. Axyl and Karen left without saying a word this morning. I didn’t think much of it. Just went to take a shower and when I had finished (around 9:45 am) the apartment was empty. (Robin is still on his mini birthday vacation with his girlfriend Kathy who’d come by to surprise him.) All three locks were locked. This wasn’t an “oops, it slipped my mind that your key doesn’t work”. This was premeditated. I don’t know if Axyl knew about my key, but I know Karen did. We had a little tense moment on Friday where she told me I had to get the key made and that we were going to get it made the next day. I didn’t like her telling me what I had to do, and I snapped at her. I feel bad about that, but locking me in for it? That’s excessive.

I was so mad that I didn’t even want to contact either of them. I wasn’t about to beg them to let me out! I told Gia about it and she told me to call Axyl. I waited a bit to calm down, then called. No answer. Alright. I waited some more. I. Was. NOT! going to call Karen. I would not. I texted Axyl. No answer. Twenty minutes or so later (11:30 ish) they came back. Never saw Karen. Axyl just said he didn’t know my key didn’t work. *sigh. Freakin’ drama. I hate drama. I’m much more receptive to talking things out than petty aggressions. I like to think most people are. But maybe not.

Now almost noon, I finally met up with Gia. We got copies made at a local shop where I noticed they also make copies of keys. Great. Now I just needed someone with a house key that works. Not going to ask Karen. Anyway, after the print shop, Gia and I went to get the Ley 300 at the police office that I need for my internship. From there we went to the grocery store and finished buying what I hadn’t been able to carry home yesterday (mostly dairy and fish). I made some yummy fettuchini alfredo with salmon and spinach in my one big sauce pan. That was a trip! I had to make the pasta first then rinse and make the sauce in that then overheated pan. But it turned out so tasty! Wow. I forgot I know how to follow a recipe! I won’t say I know how to cook, because I need more practice for that, but I do know how to follow recipes.

Karen left before I’d finished cooking, but Axyl was hanging around our shared room, so I offered him some pasta. Which he declined. That’s when Robin returned! I was so happy to see him. Felt like he’d been gone for longer than three days. A few minutes later, Gia showed up. So, the four of us (Axyl, Robin, Gia, and I) headed to Starbucks to use their internet. Before that though, Robin and I went to that little copy shop to get my key made. After Starbucks, Gia, Robin, and I went to Best Buy to see about external CD/DVD drives, since none of our laptops have an internal one. Back at our apartment complex, Robin and I waved goodnight to Gia as she walked to her apartment and us to ours. Locked gate. At least this time it was just the gate. Door itself was open, so we could see when Karen passed by in the hallway and flashed us a smile. *sigh. Drama. I just put up my dishes and went to sleep.

Tuesday, July 24th- Gia Fell Off of the Hammock and Our First Roommates Meeting

Since I fell asleep at about 10 pm, I woke up early-ish. 8:30 am. Finally up before my roommate, Axyl. I got myself a bowl of cereal and a pear, glad for the morning calm. Too soon, it was 10 am. I left the apartment with Robin to meet up with Gia so we could go to the clinic we’d gone to last week to get our health certificate that is required for internship. (Follow me on Instagram to see a picture of the clinic. Link below) After the clinic Gia and Robin got into talking about McDonald’s french fries and they sucked me into going with them. I finished my whole food shopping for the week yesterday! *sigh Oh well. It wasn’t about the fries for me. Just an unhealthy love of soda.

From there we went home to take a break. We need to get copies of some stuff to apply for medical insurance here, but ehh, laziness is too strong. Instead, we each found a spot to relax in. Gia on the couch, Robin on his hammock, and me at the little table and desk chair we are using as a dinning room. I begin to write this for my blog while Robin retreated to his room. Seeing that the hammock on our breezy balcony is available, Gia goes to lay on it. I’m sitting at the table right beside the sliding glass doors to the balcony and I swear it looked like she had barely sat on it before she was on the ground with a scream. I hadn’t even gotten to the other side of the table before Robin (from the other side of the apartment) had rushed to Gia’s aid. I stood back as he ordered me to grab a bag and fill it with ice for her. That guy would make a good EMT.

It took some time, but eventually Gia was able to get on her feet and over to my bed. Hurt hip, but semi-mobile. That left me to go to the gym with Robin. He’d just gotten a membership at Planet Fitness yesterday and had invited either me or Gia to go with him (as he can only take one guest at a time). I almost gave in to my laziness, but out of nowhere, I got a spurt of motivation and decided to go with him. I had a decent run. 1.5 miles after a year of not running. That’s okay. I’ll do better next time. When we returned to the apartment Gia was still there. Apparently she’d asked to be let out (door was locked though Robin and I hadn’t locked it when we’d left for the gym). Axyl had simply told her to wait until we got home. Whatever. We were all hungry, so the three of us brushed it off and heated up some left over chicken to make tacos. In addition, I introduced them to the delight that are quesadillas with marinara sauce. Yum!

Gia left soon after our makeshift dinner and, just when I thought the day had ended on a good note, out came Karen from her room with Axyl trailing behind her. She started in that patronizing teacher tone “I was hoping we could all talk. I feel there’s been a lot of tension recently.” You should have heard it. All tentative with every single syllable drawn out. So, we all sat down. Robin and I on the couch and Karen and Axyl on the floor in front of us. We talked about a cleaning schedule, keeping the door locked at all times (which I find excessive and paranoid, especially since we live in a gated community), and other petty things like me using too much space in the fridge or some other crap. That was supposed to clear the tension? I couldn’t wait for the conversation to be over. And when it was, I couldn’t sleep. Just kept tossing and turning with my stomach gurgling angrily. (Not because of the delicious quesadillas, mind you.)

Wednesday, July 25th- We (Finally) Have a Microwave and More Grocery Shopping (I have a problem…)

Wow I slept in today! Emotionally exhausted, I guess. It was around noon when I finally met up with Gia and Robin to start the day’s errands. Moving is real business! There’s so much to be done. It feels like we won’t be finished until it’s time to move out. We had planned to go get the internet set up first thing today, but, in my still-stewing anger, we ended up instinctively walking to the train station. We were more than halfway there by the time we noticed, so we took the train and then a bus to Walmart first. There we bought some appliances for the home like a microwave, toaster, and printer. All unnecessary, but useful for the next year. I also bought an orange camping chair (a trade off instead of a bean bag chair) since it can serve the double purpose of a chair for home or the beach.

After Walmart, we took a little break. Ate some popcorn. Sat in my camping chair. Once we were refueled, the three of us (Robin, Gia, and I) headed to the mall to set up the internet and then to Marshall’s so I could buy some blouses. We have a ton of workshops coming up in August that require professional attire and before going to Marshall’s I only had one or two passing blouses. Plus three, great. Expensive, but great. Then, we went to the neighborhood grocery store. *sigh. I’ve gone to the grocery store three days straight and left with a heavy backpack full of stuff for three days straight. This has to stop. Today it was mostly baking essentials like flour and sugar plus a ton of cheap spices. Gia came back to our apartment with us, so we made more quesadillas. I say, I could live off of quesadillas! So simple, but versatile.

Thursday, July 26th- Medicaid Location Lost in Translation and Dozens of Ant (?) Bites

I tossed and turned. Then tossed and turned again. *sigh By 3am, I crept into my closet, as quietly as I could, with Axyl sleeping not even two feet away in our tiny shared room. I got some shorts and a tank top hoping I just needed to cool off and then I’d be able to fall asleep. I laid on the hammock a while when I realized I was very itchy. I scratched and scratched feeling dozens of raised bumps along my ankles and legs. I breathed deep and decided to take a picture to be able to see them in the 4am darkness. Raised, little, blazing red dots all over my legs. They don’t look like mosquito bites to me. More like ant bites. I guess I’ll find out if there are any complications…

I tossed and turned a bit on the couch after my discovery before sneaking past Axyl back into my bed. When I got up, I’d only just eaten some oatmeal (heated in our shiny new microwave!) before Gia showed up at our door. She had an appointment with Medicaid today. I have one about a week or two from now, so when she offered to let me tag along with her, I accepted. Problem was, she didn’t have the address to where the office was. It’s in a town about 20 minutes away from ours. That’s all we knew. I called to ask and just got the same answer I’d gotten last time. By the sports museum. Yeah. WHICH sports museum?! Not helpful. I asked if they had the physical address. Or the specific name of the museum at least. Answer: no. HOW?! How do you not have the address to where you are giving people appointments?!?!?!?!! …sorry that was just really frustrating.

Gia had to practically beg them saying she’s not from here, that we live far away, and that we don’t have a car, so we really need the address for the Uber. She even played the “I fell off the hammock and hurt my back; I really need to make it to my Medicaid appointment!”. Gross how you have to beg here to get a straight answer! I know it’s not like that everywhere here in Puerto Rico, but from my experiences it’s starting to feel like that is the case in at least half of the places we’ve dealt with. Once we returned from the Medicaid office, we each went to our own apartments. I ate some of Monday’s left over pasta and preped some fruit and veggie snacks for the following days (washed grapes and juliened carrots).

Just as I was about to start cooking dinner, Robin returned from his own health insurance hunting adventures with a smile and a footlong sandwhich from Firehouse Subs. He offered me half and, not being one to say no to food, I accepted. Then my mom called and we talked about how to make rice as she played Mario Kart with my brother. Side note: my brother has concert tickets to see Twenty One Pilots and Panic! at the Disco!!!! I’m so jealous! Love those bands! Anyway, after the call I got dressed and went to the gym with Robin. Another treadmill run. Not as good this time. I barely ran the mile and a half I’d done a couple days ago with that half a footlong bouncing around my stomach.

Friday, July 27th-Is It Sexist to Require Men to Wear a Tie Or Women to Wear a Skirt?

I slept so well after that run! Maybe that’s the solution to my recent sleeping problems. Get completely physically exhausted. I decided to be somewhat productive today and washed clothes. It’s so nice to have electricity and a washing machine! Before the cycle ended though, I got a text from Gia. She told me that Robin and I could go by her apartment to pick up one of her roommate’s desk that she will no longer be using. I go to knock on Robin’s door, but Axyl tells me he isn’t home. I end up going to Gia’s apartment anyway and help her make rice. I’d talked to my mom yesterday night and asked her how she makes it, so I was prepared. The internet set up guy came in the middle of this, so I left to let him in and then came back to eat salmon and rice with Gia and a now returned Robin. Then, he and I took the desk up to our apartment and into his room. That thing was huge and heavy! Real wood with a big slab of glass! But we’re strong and had few problems with it. (just knocked over one planter going up the stairs)

From here, a few things happened. Gia came by and we tried to show her how to download music. A few minutes later, she left for her apartment and Robin to the gym, so I epilated my legs (which was extremely difficult with all the bug bites) then washed up before making cheddar biscuits and broccoli cheddar soup. That plus a salad was dinner when Gia and Robin returned. I offered Axyl some food, but he declined. Later though, he ate some cheddar biscuits, so I can’t feel too bad. After dinner, Gia left for her apartment while Axyl and Karen wandered into the living room. It was nice. All of us getting along. Casually hanging out in the living room. …that is until Karen and Robin got into a little quarrel about our internship uniforms and how they either are or aren’t sexist.

What do you guys think? Is it sexist that the guys have to wear a tie and vest and that the gals have to wear a skirt, tights, and heels? From my understanding these uniform requirements are only when we go to clinical rotations which are about 5 weeks of our 11 month internship. I think it’s odd and that if I’d gotten any other internship in the U.S., this would not be a requirement. Also, I’d prefer to wear pants. But. In the end, that’s the uniform and I’ll deal with my personal preferences. Really though, let me know what you think in the comments below. I’m curious about what y’all think.

After their bickering, the four of us housemates went our own ways. I began working on my blog and made some good leeway on future Thoughts and Past posts. 🙂

Saturday, July 28th- Catching Up on My Medical Drama

Gia and Robin had plans to go to the mall. I bailed. And what did I do with a whole free day? Stayed home and was lazy all day! Essentially, I just switched spots and watched my show all day. Oh! And made sweet potato chili. Yep. That was really it…..

Sunday, July 29th- Isla Verde Beach and Mexican Restaurant

Beach day!! Robin had been talking about going to the beach before we start our internship. We convinced Gia and Karen to go with us too. Axyl didn’t want to go. Maybe he just doesn’t like the beach. Anyway, we left around 3pm. At first we took a train. Bought some snacks at the CVS when we got off. Then we walked over to the bus stop where a woman selling cake pops approached us. $3 and she said she’d been selling them for four years now to support her family. They were large cake pops and very tasty. I bought a Kinder chocolate one. Have y’all had Kinder chocolate? It is amazing! So smooth. And so cheap here in Puerto Rico! (Unlike Mexico where I was first introduced to the wonder.) German chocolate. It has to be good! Moving on, the bus we hoped to catch only runs on weekdays. Darn. So, we took an Uber to Isla Verde (one of the more touristy beaches and Robin’s recommendation as that is where he and his girlfriend had stayed when she came to visit last weekend).

It was packed! Soooo many people. Guess we did get there kind of late. That’s okay though. We ate chicken pinchos (those shish kabob things I wrote about last week) and I played electronic music on my speaker. And remember that orange camping chair I bought on Wednesday? Yep, beach chair! It was perfect too, because after taking a quick dip in the ocean by myself I was lost. Without my glasses, I was starting to panic when I couldn’t see where we’d set up base, until I spotted the bright orange flag that was my camping chair. So relieved! After a bit, all four of us got in. But too soon, Robin and Karen returned to their beach towels while Gia and I, unbeknownst to us, drifted further and further away from them. What can I say? It was a good conversation.

Eventually, Karen walked over to where we were. Apparently about two or three minutes away…. oops. But, we got her in on the conversation as part of my diabolical plan to stay in the ocean longer. The area we had drifted into had huge, strong waves. It was so much fun!!! …until one came and smacked my back like an angry dolphin! That hurt a bit. But not so much I wasn’t still smiling ear to ear and laughing about it. Gia turned to me and mentioned, as she always does whenever we are in the ocean, how happy I look and how much I must love the ocean. …yes. and YES! I guess I don’t realize how happy I must look, but I do love the ocean. I don’t know what it is about it that makes it so peaceful and joyful to me.

After our beach adventures, we went home to change before going out to this Mexican restaurant near our apartments named Guadalajara. I had the vegetarian tacos as I tend to do when out at a taco place. I really do believe that that is the best way to judge a taco place. Meat is easy. The flavor is already there. Vegetables? Not so much. Ehh. Not the best taco place I’ve been to. After dinner we went home and each of us our separate ways. I went to watch my medical drama. Personal goal: finish watching it before Wednesday when our internship officially starts!

1) Sorry about posting on Tuesday instead of my usual Monday! I got sidetracked and forgot…. No excuse. I just forgot…
2)What do you guys think of the longer format? Is three to four paragraphs a day too much? Do you like the extra detail? Can you even get through to Wednesday? Let me know and I’d be happy to accommodate!
3) My internship starts on Wednesday!! Exciting and scary! The first three weeks are workshops and review type things, so that’s nice. Rotations where we go to locations and shadow dietitians won’t happen until the last week of August. Ooh! I’m nervous. But! That will be next week’s adventure!

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