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January 2019 Update- Re-prioritizing this Blog and Considering a YouTube Channel

I’m definitely going to be a YouTuber one day. Why do I say that? Because of what I’m about to type.

Sorry I’ve Been Gone

So, I’ve been away. …For a whiiillleee. Sorry about that. Well, mostly I’m sorry to myself. I know you guys have better things to do or, more specifically, read. But, yeah, sorry I made it seem like I had a semi-established blog then abandoning it. Um, things got tough and I shouldn’t have dropped this because of that.

Again, not because I think you guys depend on me or anything, but because writing is the way I cope. When I was going insane, I should have used this platform instead of seeing it as another thing on my to-do list. Maybe I’ll forget that when (really, if) I gain a large fanbase, but at least for now, this is still my little spot on the internet. It’s my place to express myself and not care or try to impress anyone. That’s liberating!

I’m so thankful that I have this opportunity. Mostly because I predict a future where the powers that be are going to regulate the internet so heavily that the optimistic scenario would be that they allow established entities online to remain but just won’t let new ones arise. …yep. And this is before the machines take over the world. ….moving on.

Future Blog Posts About Last Year’s Rotations

Anyway! Before that happens I want to get back up to date with y’all. I thought it’d be difficult to write about all the rotations I’ve gone through (context for new readers: I’m in a nutrition internship). Looking back on the ones I didn’t write about from last year, I see that every single one of them have very memorable moments and added something to my life (even if I didn’t want them to…). So, yes, I will be writing about those weeks and posting here in the future. Not sure when that will be, as I’m already drowning in stress and it’s only my third day back in Puerto Rico.

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Telemedicine (withholding the actual company name for privacy reasons)
  • Agricultural Extension
  • Early Head Start
  • Pediatrics
  • And, of course, two weeks of winter break! 😀 (so sad it’s over… :<)

Potential YouTube Channel and Conflicts

In other news, I’ve wanted to start a YouTube channel for YEARS. I’ve been watching YouTube since 2007. Yeah. 12 years. I’m old. (I’m 23…I’VE BEEN WATCHING YOUTUBE FOR HALF MY LIFE!) SO, I love the platform. And like I said, I believe one day these freedoms to grab a camera and make a fool of yourself for the whole internet to see will be denied, soooo I want to get in on that! Plus, camera qualities on phones have skyrocketed which means the start up cost is super low and IJustWantToStartAYouTubeChannel!!! ….yeah. I think my tone would translate a lot better in video.

But! I’m not pretty. Hey, hey, hey! I’m not ugly either, but the blogging world doesn’t care. It doesn’t even bother. The vlogging world? Yeahh, I’m not sure I’m ready for that. Also, how am I going to develop a fanbase if I vlog my life? Am I that interesting? Maybe this year I can sell it as a sort of study abroad experience. But when I move back to Texas? Boring! Not that Texas is boring. Just… me in Texas is boring.

There I have my family, there’s free food and hugs. I don’t have to go outside for anything! And it’s amazing! Here, I’m forced to go out and hold my own. :/ But I guess that makes for a more exciting life. :p

Logistics and More Conflicts

I do plan to start a channel sometime this year. Should that be my New Year’s resolution? Ahhhh! I don’t want to make promises then not keep them! But I also don’t want to keep dreaming about something and do nothing to achieve it! Uhhhhh! SO, I’ll let y’all know if/when I start that. It won’t be this month. Earliest would probably be February but probably more like March. I get a tripod in the mail next week.

Other considerations are time. I want to get all of the updated posts up before starting a new project which is going to take a while. Also, the internship is busy. There’s always so much to do. I’m stressed. And! Not a small thing! I have very minimal video editing skills. Plus zero on-camera presence. …yep.

Now this post is long and rambly, just like I like it. (…not really, but that’s how they tend to turn out.) I’ll let y’all know about the YouTube thing and you can look forward to posts on those rotations I had last semester listed above. I am going to make this blog a priority again. Ironically, I hope to do this by laying off YouTube to spend my free time blogging. Let’s see how that goes.

My Next Post

I hate breaking promises, so here’s one for you: next post will be this Saturday, January 12th. It might be “hi, this counts as a post”, but hey! A post is a post! Thanks for sticking by me, friends. Take care, and come back for Saturday’s post. 🙂


Oh! And Happy New Year everybody! 😀

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