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Be Nice to One Another- Yes, I Wrote a Whole Post on That Because it Seems People Don’t Understand the Concept

I should write a book. Really. It’s the second week back and already there are numerous things I don’t dare write about for fear they will be used against me or people close to me. And I’m not talking about light teasing about my thoughts or even others being angry for what I write about them. I’m talking about legal action. As you know if you read last week’s blog (link here), serious accusations have been made amongst the people I live with. Now it’s not just hearsay (because that’s all I believe those accusations were). Now legal action has been taken. For that reason, I do not wish to write further about the topic.

Unfortunately, these events go beyond the parties involved. I don’t mean to be insensitive when I say it affects my life, but it does. Mostly because my blog is public, and therefore, I know all parties involved have access to it. I don’t feel free to write about anything to do with those people. At least not now. I don’t even understand how someone can be so conniving.

Regardless of the situation, I will continue to post weekly blogs on Mondays and other posts on Fridays. I just want you guys to know that a lot of serious stuff is happening and that probably won’t be written about. Geez! Can you guys remember something? Trying to hurt someone is bad as it is. But all action, good or bad, expands and spreads. You may think you’re hurting one person, but you may be hurting several.

As an example, I am hurt by this situation. I inherently wish everyone would get along and blah, blah, hippie sunshine beliefs I have. So, to see it get to this level, I’m hurt. I don’t want to call home to my family because I know they can sense my distress. That hurts my parents. Maybe that affects their work or their work relationships which have an impact on their finances or further on their emotional stability. Maybe that will distract them. Maybe medications could be forgotten leading to serious health problems. That’s just one path and not a super unlikely one.

You guys know how I am. I can make any situation the worst thing ever or the best. This one is difficult, but if I am able to make one of you guys understand that your actions matter and that it’s a noble thing in life to focus on making positive changes instead of negative ones, I will have succeeded. I urge you to talk things out if you’ve had a disagreement with someone. Don’t let those feelings harbor.

If you can’t bear to have a conversation with that person or maybe the other person isn’t ready to talk, it’s better to let those feelings go. To be the bigger person and say, “this is how I understand the situation… I recognize that I could have done better on X, Y, and Z, and I’m willing to work on it once you are ready but until then I hope we can be civil and mature”. It’s also okay to end that statement with, “but unfortunately I don’t feel willing to work past it and I think the best thing for both of us is to move on with no ill will”.

I once saw/was spoken to by about ten to fifteen people from my past in a week. All of these people were either acquaintances or close friends at some point in time. And I realized that I left all of those relationships well. I wasn’t scared to talk or see to any of them again. I was glad! It feels awful to want to avoid/ hide from someone. Just seeing them making you want to dive into the deepest ocean and not surface. I’d never experienced that before now. So, I urge you, prevent things from getting to that point, because it can get to it and you don’t deserve to feel that insecurity and emotional turmoil.

Yep, I just wrote a post on being nice to one another. Moral of this post: I think we should all get a month off work and our lives every year to go to some sort of kindergarten-esque bootcamp.



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