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My First Weekly Blog of 2020- Visiting College Buddies, New Year, New Job?, First Triathlon! (Yes, all in 7 days)

Things have been half crappy, half okay. …All in all, I like those odds.


Monday, December 30, 2019- Lazing around in West Texas

So, if you read the update I posted a few days ago, you’ll know that I planned a little vacation following my dietetic certification exam as motivation/kind of punishment depending on how that turned out. Fortunately, I passed and am now a registered dietitian. I’d spent the weekend crashing on my former university roomie’s couch in West Texas. However, Sherri had a flight to catch in order to visit family this Monday morning, so I found myself waking up in Mariah and Richard’s bed. 😬 (<- my favorite emoji, by the way)

Yep… In order to spend the New Year with my university friends, Mariah and Richard, I was staying at their house in West Texas. But… unlike Sherri, they don’t have a couch yet. Sooo, instead of taking out a mattress type thing I’d planned to sleep on in their living room, Mariah invited me to share the only bed in the house with her and her fiance, Richard. It’s a large enough bed and it was warm, but at the end of the day I decided to try my hand in the living room.


Tuesday, December  31st, 2019- There’s No Such Thing as Re-living College Days… It’s Just Sad. New Year’s Eve!

Freezing! I woke up freezing! I underestimated the cold. When I’d gone to sleep it felt fine, but by the morning I was a popsicle. Goodness! The previous day hadn’t been very eventful. Just a lot of lazing around and watching T.V./watching Mariah clean the kitchen and such. The happy couple are getting married in less than two months as of writing this, which will be when Mariah officially moves into this house to begin married life. In fact, this trip was Mariah’s first visit to her future home which Richard has been living in for a few weeks by this time.

Anyway! Enough details! Yesterday was slow and relaxing, but today Mariah and I wanted to relive a bit of our college days with some light drinking to celebrate the new year. We whipped up some potatoes we found around the house and bought some peach cobbler and ice cream, then set to work! ….watching a kid’s movie. *face palm Haha, yep, we watched Monster House as we began drinking some hard cider and some fruity bottled drink. Oh gosh, the cider had that distinctive beer taste that I hate! XD I’ll never forget the look on Mariah’s face when I chugged the last half of the bottle just to get it over with already! XD Priceless!

As the movie ended, we found ourselves in her dark living room 20 minutes away from the new year, at which point I put on some top hits of 2019 music playlist to ring us into the new year and went to rinse some grapes. It’s a family tradition and is supposed to be consume one grape per second during the last 12 seconds of the old year. I don’t know what is supposed to happen if you succeed in this impossible task since every time I’ve tried it I’ve only ended up with grape juice dribbling down my chin and, if I’m unlucky, out my nose…. Either way, it’s good fun as long as no one chokes, so Mariah and I stuffed our faces with grapes a few seconds into her video chat with Richard who, unfortunately, was still at work at this time.

After ending her video call, Mariah lay to rest on the little mattress we’d been watching the movie on in the living room that would later be my bed. She rested while I sang quietly to music that was still playing on the speakers. Not long after, Richard arrived who took his tried (and slightly tipsy) soon-to-be bride to sleep. I continued singing in the dark on my own in the living room before resting my head and falling asleep to light music in the background.


Wednesday, January 1st, 2020- Finally! Catching up a bit with Richard. Oh, and Happy New Year!

I woke up to Mariah telling me how cute it was that I fell asleep to the music. *blush I hadn’t meant to leave it playing though someone turned it off in the night. Like the bad sport (read: slightly hungover and anti-social person) I am, I refused to go to church with Mariah and Richard that morning. Nor did I go to a lunch with Richard’s family. I spent those hours drinking plenty of water and watching a bit of T.V. or listening to music before deciding the world was too boring by myself and decided to sleep more.

By the time they had returned, I was getting hungry and they had just eaten. Also, they were properly sleepy, while I’d just spent a couple hours sleeping. Sooo, they napped and I ate leftovers they’d brought. After eating, they were still napping, so I put on a bit of music and sang softly. Some time later, before I could get any lonelier, they woke up. Hungry. It hadn’t been that long since I’d eaten, but I agreed to go with them. Better than more alone time! We had sushi then a quick detour at a coffee shop where the far apart couches gave me a perfect opportunity to show off a bit of the sign language I’d learned last semester at a local community college since moving back in with my parents.

To keep the day going (the only day off work Richard had while we were in town, by the way!) we all decided to go to an arcade/entertainment center. Mariah and I had been there a couple days prior with Sherri and had learned that escape rooms were half off on New Year’s day. I’ve been yearning to do an escape room for a few years now, but they’re so expensive and most of my friend’s live in a different city than me. :/ But today was perfect! The easiest room was later in the night so until then, Richard, Mariah, and I spent a couple of hours at the arcade. Haha, lots of coin slots were played! The escape room itself was fun and while we were not able to clear it, I look forward to the next time I visit Mariah and Richard to make a second attempt!


Thursday, January 2nd- Richard’s Lackluster Birthday and Leaving West Texas :<

Richard’s birthday was also the day Mariah and I were set to leave town. He had work this day too, so it would not have made too much of a difference if we’d stayed another day anyway. I finally allowed him to open his birthday present from me which was a sushi making kit. I berated him for going out to sushi the day before when I’d hoped to make a day of teaching him to make it at home with his gift. It’s fine though, since we’d all gotten up late and didn’t have much time till Mariah and I were planning on leaving.

I’m very glad I went and was able to spend time with my old college buddies. Of course, I know I’d have way more time with them if I’d decided to move out to West Texas back in July when Sherri had originally offered to rent me out a room in her house, but oh well, now I’ll take as much time as I can get with them. Yeah, Richard worked pretty much all week and Sherri went out of town, but the little time we had was precious. Can’t wait for the next one! The car ride back to my hometown was calm. No wild karaoke like some of our previous trips, just conversation and peace between Mariah and me. It was a great way to end the adventure.


Friday, January 3rd- Goodbye Mariah! Hello, Babysitting Job Interview

In order to rest up a bit before returning to her hometown, Mariah stayed the night with my family. After a speedy breakfast at a cafe in my city’s downtown area we said our goodbyes. Next time I will see her will be for her bachelorette party! Then, her wedding!

No time to rest yet though! I had a bit of business to attend to on my first full day back in town. I’d been talking to someone about a babysitting job for a couple of weeks now and had agreed to meet following my trip. I got dressed and ready then anxiously awaited for the time to come to meet for the interview. From our previous messages, the mother seemed very eager to meet and was already speaking as if she planned on hiring me.

Still, during the interview I met her husband, children, and dogs. I’d been upfront with her from the start saying I have very minimal childcare experience. I told her I have a degree in nutrition, not childcare, but when the husband asked about my experience with children he didn’t seem too pleased. Yet, the mother said I’d made a good impression on her shyer child and even one of her dogs who is not known for trusting strangers right away. I was told to text them my availability for the next week and that I would be contacted on when my first day would be.


Saturday, January 4th- Triathlon Training and Bad News

Let’s start with the bad news. The mom texted me back saying they were going to keep looking. I guess a good aura isn’t a good substitute for actual experience. Honestly, I felt like something fishy was going on when I got all the way to an interview with her. It was really weird that she was still considering me when I’d been completely honest about my lack of experience in childcare. I responded as such, respectfully since she stated they were going to keep looking for someone with more experience. I said that that was completely reasonable and that I understood. It would have been nice to have a job from the get go while I apply and start working at a job in my field I’m finally licensed to do, but oh well. Not meant to be.

The other thing that would not let me rest after my trip is that past me did some planning. Past me was miserable with long empty days and meaningless nights, so she decided to make sure that would not happen to future me. That’s why she signed up for the licensure exam and a trip with friends right after. That’s also why she went ahead and signed up for an indoor triathlon three days after said trip. Knowing she wasn’t going to be able to commit fully to training while she studied for the exam and much less while on vacation for a week, she signed me up. Little, well meaning jerk, haha!

So, today I did the only training in over a month for my first triathlon. Wow. It was bad! The triathlon structure would be as follows: a ten minute swim in the gym’s indoor pool, a 30 minute bike in the cycle room, and a 20 run (or walk) on the treadmill. To prepare for that, I prioritized experiencing a swim session and a treadmill run back to back. The bike thus far had been the event I’d least struggled in during my sporadic/almost nonexistent training over the last six months, so I decided not to even bother trying to squeeze that in.

So, I did a 20 minute continuous swim (15 minutes freestyle and 5 minutes breaststroke) then dashed off to the locker room to change in the ten minutes I’d be allotted on race day (the transitions were not part of the race time itself). After changing, I hopped on the treadmill for a run. HA! Nope! I ran, well… more like lightly jogged, for a couple of minutes before walking. I hadn’t worked out even once in about five weeks and back when I was regularly swimming, I tended to take breaks every five minutes of swimming or so. I think my longest continuous swim last year had been seven or eight minutes. I was worried for tomorrow!


Sunday, January 5th- Triathlon day! Back to obsessing!

My first triathlon! I have a problem with labels. I don’t like them. Yet… I place so much importance in them. For example, technically, I am a dietitian. I have a license and have passed all of the education and practice (internship) needed to legally be a dietitian. Yet! I am not working as a dietitian. I got licensed less than two weeks as of writing this. I don’t feel like a dietitian and personally don’t consider myself to be one. Until I am working as one. Get what I’m saying? Yeah…

Same with the triathlon. This indoor thing. Yes, it’s an official event. I paid money to register for it. There will be a document that lists people’s laps swam and miles done on the stationary bikes and treadmills. Yet… It’s not a traditional event. There are different levels of triathlons, but they are all outside! Well, the swim can either be open water or a pool swim, but you get what I mean! The levels are sprint, olympic, half ironman, and ironman. Sometimes you can also find a super sprint event.

What I’m trying to say is that even after completing a sprint triathlon or even one olympic triathlon, I don’t think I’ll consider myself a triathlete. My personal (for myself, not anyone else) definition of triathlete would be actively training for my second season. After at least one olympic triathlon, I’d have to be training for another one or more races in order to publicly admit I’m a triathlete. Yeah, I can be a bit hard on myself. I know. :/

But yes! I completed the indoor triathlon. A very good baseline of ability with just one day of training prior. 😬 This is what I have to improve on:

  • Swim (10 minutes)-
    • 15 laps (25 yd pool, so 50 yds per lap)
    • 685.8 meters total (750 yds)
    • ~68.5 meters per minute
  • Bike (30 minutes stationary spin bike)
    • 6.4 miles (I’d never ridden one of these types of bikes before. My butt still hurts three days later!)
    • ~12.8 miles per hour
  • Run (20 minutes treadmill)
    • 1.46 miles (yeah, it was half of a walk instead of a run. I admit, I didn’t push myself here. I know I can do better.)
    • ~4.4 miles per hour


There’s no way I won’t do better in my next triathlon! The next will be another indoor triathlon in mid February before my first outdoor one in March. It was supposed to be a sprint, but I recently found out they offer a super sprint length race for half the price and being unemployed and all…. that sounds lovely. Guess the sprint triathlon will have to wait till April before I start focusing training on an olympic length one later in the year. Can you tell I’m obsessing again? Yeah, it just means I’m excited! 🙂

Thank you Past Me for making this happen whether I was physically prepared to or not (definitely the not on that one!).





Next week’s blog post should be up either Sunday or Monday. My life still isn’t sunshine and rainbows but it’s stopped pouring enough and there’s enough sunlight to where I am motivated to write about my daily life again. Start your bets now! Let’s see how long this lasts! :p

See you next week! 😀

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