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Week of February 3rd 2020- Applying to Jobs, Vacation from Dad and New Room

Wow! I had such a positive reaction to the new format from last week’s two week post. I’m going to try that again. I’d just been doing paragraphs because that’s just how I’ve been doing weekly posts since I started this blog, but I do like the bullet points better. It’s easier to write even if I don’t write every single day. And it’s more accomplishment oriented. Something you guys know I love. 😅 I may even go back and add photos from my Instagram stories… 🤔 I post there pretty regularly. Yeah, I think I’ll try that this week too. 🙂


Anyway, let’s do this!

Sunday, Feb 2nd

  • I assembled an armoire
    • Haha, I know this is from the week prior, but I’d already written the previous post before I did this on Sunday night. I thought I’d finished being productive for the week. 😬 I’m just so proud because I’d never assembled anything like this before and it looks like I did it right!


Monday, Feb. 3rd

  • Applied for another hospital job
    • This one is not a full time position, but it is in an area that interests me a lot, so I’d be thrilled to work at this hospital.
  • Messed up my hip
    • I felt my femur move out of place when I was laying in bed, but when I woke up it was perfectly fine again. Then I tried to get out of my chair after breakfast and I could barely hobble away to my room. It fixed itself later and this happens fairly often, but it is so annoying!

  • Signed up for a volunteer opportunity at a food bank
    • I might as well do something productive with all this free time until I get a job. (if…. 😦 ) I loved that week at the food bank during my internship in Puerto Rico, so I think I could enjoy this too.
  • Applied for a non hospital job
    • I’m tired of not having any form of income. I know I have a bachelor’s and dietetic license I am qualified for jobs beyond minimum wage, but the fact of the matter is I’m unemployed. Yeah, I’m applying to jobs, but I don’t have one. I want an income and I can’t wait around until “a position worthy of me” comes by. 🤷‍♀️
  • Decided to dress up 
    • At least more to the standard of my faux leather jacket, ha… (yes, that’s my standard of “dressing up” XD)



Tuesday, Feb. 4th

  • I lost 4 pounds
    • I’ve been tracking what I’ve been eating and while the exercise thing still isn’t back in full swing, this seems to have been enough to garner some results. Keep in mind that I was obese category II. That’s why I lost so much weight in a week without drastic changes. Usually it’s best to lose no more than 2 pounds a week. It may sound strange, but since I have so much weight to lose to get to a healthy weight (more than 50 pounds) I don’t want to lose it so fast. I want to give my body time to adjust to its new structure (less stress on the body and less saggy skin). And time to put on some muscle in place of that fat! If all goes well, I hope to reach my goal weight by fall of 2021.


Wednesday, Feb. 5th

  • Probably didn’t do anything. Who knows? I stopped writing this day. Had ASL class, but I haven’t been putting any effort in that this semester. No gym, nothing at all. Ohhh, is this when it happened or was it Tuesday night? It was one of these, since I stopped writing and got sad.
  • Got rejected from the part time job in the area I was interested in (the position I applied to on Monday). Yeah, that was quick. At least I got outright rejected from this one. The other jobs just haven’t responded. Doesn’t help me since I don’t know why I was rejected. If it’s something I can fix or not. Not enough experience? Yeah, that’s the point. I’m trying to get a job to get experience. Can’t really fix that. Won’t be fixed until I get a job. Lackluster related experience, yeah, I probably should have worked at some crappy job related to my field, but I didn’t. Looks like that’s what I’ll have to do now. I’ll be washing dishes as a licensed dietitian. Job hunting is just adult self-harm, I swear.


Thursday, Feb. 6th

  • Volunteered at the food bank
    • Cut myself on a piece of glass while sorting through cans and glass bottles of food products but at least this opportunity gave me a reason to be awake in the morning.
  • New classmate in silks class
    • That was a fun class with a cut hand by the way. -___- Yep, new classmate. Got partnered up with me. Didn’t seem enthused by the class. Towards the end of it she just sat on the safety mat under the silks. Which makes it much less safe for both of us when I tried to climb the silk or really do anything on it while trying not to bump into her or fall on her. I learned a new move though. Called gazelle and starfish, I think.


Friday, Feb 7th

  • I think I went swimming this day.
    • Yes, I did. Because I needed to reply to an email for the triathlon in March. They needed my swim time to decide the order of swimmers. It was like 2 minutes 30 seconds for 150 meters I think. I just told her 2:10 per 100 meters to be safe. I’d rather swim slower than faster on race day. I just want to finish the super sprint triathlon not actually race.


Saturday, Feb 8th

  • I have no idea. Probably just wasting my life away as per usual. Nothing memorable.


Sunday, Feb. 9th

  • Dad left to Mexico
    • So, my dad has this probably unrealistic dream of retiring in Mexico, so several years back he bought a small property and began building on it. Now he has a semblance of a house there which he essentially built for his brother. My uncle lives there year round and I visit the house about one week per year during the summer. My dad visits twice a year, in summer with me and sometime during the winter. This is his winter visit.


  • I moved into my new garage converted room
    • Before my dad left, he made it a goal to finish converting the garage into a room for me. He’d told me about this roughly one year ago and said it would be done by the time I got home from my internship in July. Yeah. Lies. Then when I was deciding if I should move in with a friend or back home with my parents my dad promised the room conversion would only take until August- September at the latest. It’s February. He said that because he wanted me to stay at home.
    • My childhood bedroom is small and in the middle of the house. Not ideal after living away from home for five years. Smothering to say the least. So, he promised to clear out the garage and basically make a studio apartment. That way, yes, I’d have to use the bathroom and kitchen from the main house, but if I really chose to, I could live in this new room with no interaction with the rest of the house. Like having my own apartment, he said.
    • The catch is, there’s no central heating or air conditioning in the garage. He told me I could move my stuff in while he was in Mexico, but not to move my bed since it’d be too cold to sleep in my new room. The first thing I moved in was my bed. I moved everything in the day he left. It’s been nice. A tad chilly, but nice.









  1. Featured image is of all of the books, papers, and mess that my two bookshelves contained dumped on my bed. That was a doozy to organize. :/
  2. I’m sad again. I feel like I’m rolling down a mountain with an avalanche. It sucks. I remember at the beginning of this post’s week I could not for the life of me wrap my head around such sadness. It seemed nonsensical and utterly confounding. How could I be so sad? Life was good. I was working on things. Not stagnated, but in progress. “That’s the best feeling in the world!,” I thought. I didn’t even feel the shift. It sucks. I’ll try to write something for Friday and get started on next week’s post so I can hopefully post it on Monday instead of… what day is it, anyway?…. Instead of Wednesday! like when I’m posting this. ahhhhh… I’m going crazy.

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