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New Year’s Resolutions for 2020 – Progress as of May 1st

April Update


blue tape measuring on clear glass square weighing scale
1) Weight Loss
  • Lose enough weight to be classified as overweight at a BMI of 24.9 or less (weight loss of about 30 pounds)

    • Overall: 
      • BMI still about 35.2 like it was in December. 😦
    • April
      • Gained back those 5 pounds. Back to a BMI of 35. :/
      • Hadn’t weighed myself for the first three weeks of April. I didn’t even care I’d lost 5 pounds. I hadn’t done anything for that to happen. When I gained them back I was disappointed and didn’t want to think about my weight so I ignored it until the last week of April when I started weighing myself daily.
      • I’m still fluctuating between 34.7ish (obese category 1) to 35.2ish (obese category 2) BMI. Yeah, it sucks, but I’m not exercising much anymore (I used to go run, swim, and bike at the gym). Now, I do short home workouts. Just started doing them and it was 5 times a week but only like 30 minutes a day, maybe.
    • March
      • Haven’t lost or gained weight as of March 22nd still 34.4 BMI
    • February
      • Lost weight to achieve a BMI of 34.4 (obese category I) by February 4th
      • Stayed pretty much stable the following week at a BMI of 34.5 by Feb. 10th
      • Gained a pound to a BMI of 34.7 by Feb. 17th
      • Lost that pound. Back to starting weight in February by March 2nd (BMI 34.4)
    • January
      • Gained weight to my highest BMI of 35.2 (obese category II)


tilt shift lens photography of five assorted vegetables
2) Get a job in my Profession
  • Get a job as a dietitian (preferably a clinical dietitian)

    • Overall: 
      • Applied to 14 dietetic positions since January
      • Rejected by 5
      • No response from 8
      • Offered 1, but I declined it.
      • As of April, this is not a current goal.
    • April
      • The second job I applied to in West Texas responded. I did a video call interview and they offered me a dietetic supervisor position for the six or so clinics in the area. I turned it down. Yeah. I’m insane. First place to throw me a bone and I reject it.
      • I decided to take a gamble and work on other interests of mine instead of focusing on job hunting in my field of dietetics. If I get a job in dietetics great; if not, that’s fine too. I’m doing interpreter training at the moment, so after completing it and taking the certification exams, I’ll be searching for a medical interpreting job.
    • March
      • Applied to two more dietetic positions on March 25th. This time in West Texas. 
      • One hospital decided to close the dietitian position due to coronavirus. The other has not responded.
    • February
      • Applied to three PRN clinical dietitian positions (February 3rd and 4th)
      • Applied to 5 full time, 1 part time and 2 on call dietitian positions on February 25th Rejected by 2 thus far and no reply from the rest as of yet.
    • January
      • Finished new licensure requirements such as payment and continuing education planning
      • Applied to one full time clinical dietitian position


people in swimming pool
3) Complete a Triathlon

  • Complete an Olympic distance triathlon

    • Overall: 
      • HA! 😥 I don’t even have hope of completing the shortest distance triathlon (super sprint)
      • My first outdoor triathlon was canceled due to the coronavirus. My entry will be transferred to a triathlon in the summer but I have not trained in the slightest, so…not looking forward to that…. 
    • April
      • Pretty much no training. Gyms have been closed the entirety of this month and though I have a trainer at home for my bike, I just haven’t been motivated. It’s not looking so good for that summer triathlon. :/
    • March
      • Almost no training. I did a good week and a half of training about 5 to 6 days a week for the first two weeks of the month then the virus began to make the news and people were told to stay at home. Gyms closed the third week. It was my spring break from college. I stayed home. Fourth week official stay at home orders were given. I may have to change this goal to a sprint distance triathlon. Depending on how this situation goes… races are currently cancelled until further notice…
    • February
      • Nothing, very sporadic training. :< 
    • January
      • Completed an indoor triathlon
      • Signed up for a super sprint triathlon in March
      • Bought bike accessories (bike computer, trainer, and aero bars)


photo of woman listening to music on earphones running down a sidewalk
4) Improve 5k time
  • Complete a 5k in less than 35 minutes (~11 minute mile or 5.5mph pace)

    • Overall: 
      • Everything is a still bit crazy at the moment. With the world… But as of writing this, I’ve been social distancing for 6 weeks. I’ve started more strength training workouts, but no cardio anymore.
    • April
      • Yeahhh…. absolutely no running at all. Haven’t even been for a walk outside. As of this point (last week of April) I don’t even think I’ve left my house or yard in two weeks… Thankfully, I live with my parents who both work at stores, so I haven’t had the need to leave the house.
      • Didn’t even enter my time for the 5k turned virtual race I had this month. Why? Because I haven’t done a 5k walk or run! They already sent me the package with my medal and shirt though…. I feel bad. 😦
      • A treadmill would be great right about now, but who knows, even then I probably wouldn’t even do anything. :/ I’m very discouraged. 
    • March
      • Everything is a bit crazy at the moment. With the world… But as of writing this, I’ve been home for two weeks. I want to be active still, but honestly, I don’t know if that will be outside or not. Maybe it’s finally time to focus on strength training… 
      • Not much. :/ I ran about twice a week at first half of the month, but as explained above, I haven’t really been outside since the virus reached the United States. I don’t like running outside (it’s a body insecurity thing), but I may have to get over it because gyms are closed and it’s outside or nothing as far as running goes.
      • My April 5k has been changed to a virtual race. Looks like I’ll have to go outside to run at least one day… 
    • February
      • Feb. 4th signed up for a 5k later in February
      • Completed 5k in 44 minutes and 18 seconds according to the chip. 14:12 minute mile or so
      • Signed up for a 5k in April
    • January
      • Nothing…


person in black long sleeve shirt playing brown acoustic guitar
5) Learn to play instruments
  • Re-learn how to play This is Gospel by Panic! at the Disco on the piano and get to level 9 on the Yousician Piano app*

    • Overall: 
      • I’m going to have to re-learn everything 😦
    • April
      • I stopped playing all instruments.
      • I was focused on the interview and decision to accept the job and move to West Texas plus being sad or depressed (one of those, I guess). Because of that, I really didn’t have space in my mind to want to do anything fun. I just played video games or watched videos because the time I had free I just didn’t want to think about anything. 😦
      • Just picked up an instrument (guitar) for the first time this month (April 30th) 😦
    • March
      • But, ever since I’ve been holed up at home I’ve gotten very interested in the guitar. And I’ve actually been advancing. 😀 I mean, it still is a huge pain on my fingers, but I understand the instrument?? I know what it feels like and where the strings are. It’s natural. I already got to this point with the piano, so this is exciting. 🙂
      • Also, after playing Wii Music my mom got out a box of old instruments from when I was a kid. I was never interested in them. My brother, however, picked them up very quickly as a kid. After a day, I can play some simple songs on the harmonica. The accordion was pretty fun too. 🙂 …how the turntables…. 😅
    • February
      • Got to Level 7 on Classical and Pop lessons on Yousician.
      • Finished beginning piano class
    • January
      • Started this goal at level 6 on Yousician
      • Started a beginning piano class


adolescent adult beauty blur
6) Graduate School Decisions
  • Decide when and where and for what to go to graduate school for

    • Overall: 
      • No decision made about that. No immediate plans though, due to financial reasons.
    • April
      • I’m no longer obsessed about moving out. Deciding to stay and not accept the job in West Texas really helped that. However, fact remains that I do not have graduate school money. Plus, have no more clarity than when I started trying to decide what to study. *sighh
    • March
      • There are bigger concerns at the moment. Mainly housing decisions and job hunting. Same as last month, but this time with the added weight of the economy due to this coronavirus thing. :/
      • I have no plans to begin graduate school this fall. I hoped I’d have a job by now, but all I have are student loan debts. Also, I want to move out of my parent’s house, so that is a higher priority at the moment.  
    • February
      • Nothing :/
    • January
      • Nothing…


7) Repay Student Loans
  • Pay off at least 1/3 of my undergraduate student loans

    • Overall: 
      • Applied to 11 hourly positions since January
      • Rejected by 2
      • No response from 8
      • Offered (technically not hired yet) before the place got shut down due to the virus: 1
    • April
      • Not actively looking for a job anymore. My father reacted pretty strongly about me being so close to leaving for the job in West Texas. I still feel those pangs of guilt for not helping out financially, however I now feel more secure? welcome? validated? I feel more okay with my situation of living at home knowing it’s what my father wants.
      • Instead of stressing and beating myself up trying to get a minimum wage job or anything really, I’m taking my time at home as an opportunity to prepare for a career I enjoy, hence the interpreter training mentioned above.
      • That being said, if the place that offered me a job that got shut down due to the virus opens again and continues the hiring process (I was already offered the job), I would gladly begin working. I liked the feel of the people and place and don’t have anything against working. I just need a break from the job hunt. That’s the exhausting part. 
    • March
      • Still unemployed
      • March 26th, applied to 4 hourly positions
    • February
      • Feb. 3rd, applied for an hourly position
      • Feb. 19, applied for 5 hourly positions
      • Feb. 23rd got an email with additional questions to answer before deciding if they want me to come in for an interview. They did not. Rejected from a cashiering job (I have 3 years of cashiering experience).
      • March 7th got a call to go for an interview on March 16th
    • January
      • Nothing… still unemployed


hands people friends communication
8) Volunteer
  • Volunteer at least once a month

    • Overall: 
      • Volunteering is on hold due to the coronavirus. 
    • April
      • Honestly, I could do some volunteering, but like I said in the March section directly below, everyone I live with has complicating factors if they were to get sick with the virus, so if it is not absolutely necessary, I am not going outside.
      • I did find a resource to volunteer online. Haven’t started that process though..
    • March
      • March 6th volunteered at the food bank receiving donations
      • I scheduled a month of volunteer experiences in advance, but they all got canceled due to the virus. Volunteering is on hold for now. I’m taking this thing seriously, so I don’t plan to go outside unless I have a job or am going for a run or need to grocery shop. The three people I live with have complicating factors if they were to get sick, so I can’t afford to brush this situation off. 
    • February
      • Feb. 3rd signed up to volunteer with a food bank
      • Feb. 6th, volunteered at the food bank sorting cans
      • Feb. 26th volunteered with the food bank distributing food at a community center
    • January
      • Nothing…


selective focus photography of smiling woman wearing gray dress dancing
9) Have Fun!
  • Go on a fun outing at least once a month (with others or alone)

    • Overall: 
      • The point of this goal was to make sure I did enjoyable things for myself. Also to work past social anxieties, but I guess that’ll have to wait…
      • I can still enjoy myself though, just inside my home. 
    • April
      • Due to the virus, my plans here have changed. I have been going out on average once a week to the grocery store and that’s it. More so for mental sanity, since like I mentioned previously, my parents work in stores so nowadays they get whatever we need after their shift.
      • Instead, I somehow managed to change my sleep schedule and enjoy alone time in the mornings which was amazing. However, that didn’t last long because my dad started to wake up early as soon as he heard me tiptoe in the mornings. :/ I’ll figure something out.
    • March
      • I made a point of going out more in March. Which I did…until the virus.
      • I had to add a section for March already, since I’ve been making an effort to enjoy myself more. It’s amazing what putting yourself first will do! Awwww…. that’s what I’d written for the overview section last month. ❤ So sweet and if I only knew… I’m glad I enjoyed it while going outside was still safe.
      • March 1st Went to the movie theater by myself and saw Jojo Rabbit
      • March 3rd Got breakfast with my brother, then went to the movies with him and saw Parasite
      • March 6th Went to visit my cousin Yvette and got to meet her two year old daughter and see her son
      • March 6th Had a painting and wine/ read with my honorary niece (Allie) night with Lyza and Sophia
      • March 13th Had a second painting and wine night with my best friend Lyza, and her sister Sophia, and Sophia’s daughter Allie. I held Sophia’s baby (Ameilia) for the first time. This is the last time I’ve seen them. 😦 I left my paints at Sophia’s place because I had no idea what was going to happen the following week. 
    • February
      • Feb. 1st- Cousin’s birthday bowling 🙂
      • Feb. 14 to 16th, trip to visit Mariah for her bridal shower
      • Feb. 21 Ice cream with Lyza, Sophia, and Alli
      • Feb. 14-16th Trip to celebrate Mariah’s bachelorette party got to meet most of her family and some of Richard’s family
      • Feb. 28 to March 1st, Trip to celebrate Mariah and Richard’s wedding, got to hang out with Sherry and Dellewood 🙂
    • January
      • Until the 2nd- trip to West Texas with Mariah to visit Sherri and Richard
      • 18th- Coffee with Sydney


close up photography of woman sitting beside table while using macbook
10) Blog!
  • Write at least four posts a month on this blog

    • Overall: 
      • At the moment I’ve been quite distracted. I’ve been more focused on Instagram, but I still care about this blog. 
      • That being said, I really have gotten into the Instagram thing lately. As of publishing this I post on my story there daily and have been doing a live session weekly. You can find me there as if you are interested in that content. 
    • April
      • One day I went through old notebooks and scheduled weekly poems for the whole month! Then there was the New Year’s post update for last month. I’m sorry, guys. I haven’t been feeling the best mentally. That decision about the job and moving was extremely tough for me.
      • I don’t want to force myself to write either. However, I have plenty to update you guys on, so there’s no lack of ideas!
      • img_20200430_231302607
    • March
      • About one post per week. I certainly have the time now that I’m not going outside unless absolutely necessary. Let’s see what happens…
      • …Man, that’s pitiful… I’ve been avoiding my problems for a while now and it shows. 😬
      • March 2020 blog posts
    • February
      • Five posts, rather sporadic… I started well :/
      • February 2020 posts
    • January
      • About 2 posts per week. Nice! 😀
      • img_20200204_170747842


woman in blue and yellow dress sitting on red sofa
11) Read!
  • Read at least one new book per month

    • Overall: 
      • I’ve basically read one new book all year. :/
    • April
      •  Haven’t read more than a chapter since last month of Beautiful Boy. I’m disappointed in myself. Believe me, I have the time to read. I just haven’t felt like doing anything I used to enjoy. Yeah, yeah, symptom of depression. I know the drill. :/
    • March
      •  It started out well. I was advancing through Beautiful Boy by David Sheff, but then I just sort of stopped… It’s a fascinating book. I’ve just been preoccupied about other things at the moment.
    • February
      • I’m Fine and Other Lies… by Whitney Cummings
    • January
      • None… (I’m re-reading Matched by Ally Condie with my mom 😬)


man wearing white top in front of woman wearing blue long sleeved top
Talking to Myself
  • Comments:
    • February
      • I just hope I’m happier next month. 😦
    • March
      • February me, you make me sad. :< It gets better. The world is kind of screwed up right now, but you are happier. I’m very confused right now. About society and what that means for humanity and also what it means for me personally. Will I even be able to move out this summer? Should I? Will it even matter by then? We’ll see…
      • My hope this month is that my family and friends and fellow humans are and remain healthy.
    • April
      • Well my optimistic March self, it got worse. Not just the world, but your personal world. You made some tough decisions and are now not exactly happy, but trying to keep it together. May self, do yourself proud, please. 




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