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Will You Accept Me as I Am? – Personal Poetry Collection

I wrote this poem in different colored permanent markers in my art journal, hence the different colored text. It’s about acknowledging I’m a work in progress and hoping the people in my life accept and support my crazy form of progression.


December 12, 2019

Will You Accept Me as I Am?

please forgive me all my ails.

for I have not yet set sail

The grit still on my nails

and self doubt like hail


All around me the storm begins

Will you seek shelter?

or through the chaos grin?


I wish, for you, I had more to give.

I know this is no way to live

My mind like a sieve.

you, yes

me, moot

my life is a fib.


Ever since the crib.

until now – ad lib


Let me cry.

Let me fall.

Let me get high

then let me stall

until I do it again.









Picture from Pexel’s Free Photo Library

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