Personal Poetry Collection

I did a thing! I hope this isn’t too vague or odd, to post my poems here, but it’s something different that I’d like to share. It’s probably the shortest thing you’ll ever read from me, so at least there’s that. I’ll update this list as the weeks go by. The idea is to post poems every Wednesday. Unless you guys completely hate them… then I’d post them less regularly. X) Anyway! Here’s that list.



Personal Poetry Collection

An Exchange (Jan. 2013)

Chocolate Love (Feb. 2013)

Hark (Nov. 2016)

You Know This Stuff (Spring 2017)

Waiting Time (Feb. 2013)

You are Going to Have to Figure this Out on Your Own (April 2017)

I Wasn’t Always Mute (Oct. 2018)

Social Anxiety (March 2019)

Can I be Someone Else, Please?  (March 2019)

Reams of Homework (April 2019)

Trees (Oct. 2012)

Description of a no one  (Jan. 2013)

Journey through a Meal (May 2013)


Note: Updated July 11th 2019