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Reams of Homework – Personal Poetry Collection

Another straightforward poem. This time about how I’m falling asleep while attempting to do homework. Haha, I can be quite melodramatic, huh? More poems and blog posts are on the way, so make sure to come back for those! 🙂 Also, Frankie, my turtle in the picture, is the poster child for how I look trying to stay awake and keep working on this (or any) assignment.


Reams of Homework

April 30, 2019

Falling asleep.

I’m in too deep.

Though the truth bit by bit seeps


out my mouth,

my eyes,

my hands


onto your lap.

Why, I’m a poor sap

who just wants to nap,


but instead sits and dreams.

Far away life teems.

Not for me, it seems…




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