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You have made it to the place on my site where I share my day to day adventures! Yay! If you prefer more doom and gloom stuff, go to my musings section where I post more of my past, my thoughts, and not as much action. This section here is all about what I’m up to now and my hopes for the future. Enjoy!



Week of May 14th 2018- Graduation!

Week of May 22nd 2018- Back to Work 

Week of May 28th 2018- More Working, More Sulking

Week of June 4th 2018- Translating and Working

Week of June 11th 2018- Social Outings and Work Drama

Week of June 18th 2018- Nightmares and Times with Friends

Week of June 25th 2018- Piecing Together the Week

Week of July 2nd 2018- Moving to Puerto Rico

Week of July 9th 2018- First Week in Puerto Rican Apartment

Week of July 16th 2018- Getting Frustrated with Puerto Rico then Loving the Ocean

Week of July 23rd 2018- Hot in the Kitchen

Week of July 30th 2018- First Week of Dietetic Internship and I Have a Shopping Problem…

Week of August 6th 2018- Losing Steam

Weeks of August 27th to October 5th 2018- Why I Haven’t Daily Blogged in Over a Month (With Audio)

Week of October 8th 2018- WIC Rotation (I Don’t Want to Step Into Another WIC Office Ever Again in my Life)

Week of October 15th 2018- Nutrition Support (Beware of Burnout)

Week of October 22nd 2018- Trauma Dietetic Internship Rotation (A Very Apt Name)

Week of October 29th 2018- Obgyn Dietetic Internship Rotation (Favorite Clinical Rotation Yet)

Week of November 5th- Intensive Care Dietetic Internship Rotation (Freakin’ Phonies! I Miss my Diverse America)

January 2019 Update- Re-prioritizing this Blog and Considering a YouTube Channel


The gist of the update is that I’m going to re-focus my attention on this blog. Weekly blogs will be posted on Mondays and since I’m behind on some rotations from last semester those will be posted on Fridays until I’m all caught up. Yep. 🙂 Enjoy!
Last Updated: January 12th 2019